Young Engineers Child

Suitable for primary school students

The Robo Bricks program introduces primary school children to the exciting world of robotics. Children learn to ‘think like engineers’ by building motorised robot ‘models’ using LEGO®, motors and batteries. They further program the robots to perform tasks using the LEGO® Wedo 2.0 app. Their robots learn to respond to environmental inputs using sensors, giving the children an end-to-end robotics experience! Students will: 

✓ Be introduced to algorithmic thinking
Build robots that mimics real-world machines
Develop and test computer algorithms
Learn how to code using a visual interface
Learn software engineering principles like pseudo-code and flow charts
Use sensors like motion and tilt sensors
Get their robots to respond to the changing environment
✓ Develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills

Overview of Robo Bricks Sessions

All sessions follows the Learn-Prototype-Code-Experiment-Imagine format.

Learn – theoretical engineering and coding concepts 
Prototype – build a LEGO® model that works like a real-world robot
Code – from pseudo code to programming language
Experiment– students are encouraged to change the inputs and vary to code to study the impact of these
Imagine – and play with the model the develop positive association with science

Robo Bricks Secondary Objectives

✓ Learn english software engineering terminology
✓ Procedural thinking
✓ Improve presentation skills
✓ Work in teams efficiently
✓ Familiarise with computer orientation
✓ Gain information system and media literacy

Robo Bricks Subjects

Software Engineering: Commands, Terms Loops, Planning methods, Dynamic programming, Applied mathematics, Efficiency, Interfacing 
Mechanical Engineering: Complex arithmetic, Forces and laws of physics
Algorithmic Thinking and Challenges
Fun RobotsMonkey, Candy factory, Donkey, Robot vacuum, Beyblade launcher, Soccer bot, etc.