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We are so excited and privileged to be the first in Perth, to offer the e² Young Engineers (Young Engineers) programs. We currently run after-school Young Engineers clubs, school holiday programs and incursion workshops for  students in Grade 1 to 8.

Our mission at Young Engineers Perth South Metro is to give all our students a life-changing encounter with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) to arrest a disturbing trend that many researchers are predicting. Yes, many researchers are predicting a massive Australia-wide skills shortage in science-oriented fields in the not too distant future. At the same time, a worrying trend is starting to emerge in our primary schools – far too many students have already decided against a career in science by the time they leave primary school. E2 Young Engineers program provides hands-on learning in STEM that will bring the ‘spark” and love of science in our students.

Our programs utilize an EDUTAINMENT (education + entertainment) approach, transforming the learning process into having FUN with the world’s favorite building block – LEGO®!

Yes, science can be fun!

When our students graduate, they would’ve had plenty of fun and learnt just as much. Just as importantly though, we hope we would’ve delivered them an insatiable and life-long passion for science and technology.

As featured in the Canning Examiner Newspaper, September 2015


by Hamish Hastie


About the Owner:

Chee Wong is a dad, technology specialist, motivational and productivity trainer & speaker. Chee also has a degree in mechanical engineering. At Young Engineers Perth South Metro, he carefully combines all these attributes to inspire the love of learning in children’s education. He feels very privileged that he has been given the opportunity to play an important part in the lives of so many children in Perth.

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