Testimonials – Young Engineers Perth South Metro

So far we’ve gone on and on and on about how wonderful our programs are…now we invite you to see what parents, local schools and the community are saying:



-Media coverage in the Canning Examiner Newspapers, September 2015




-Media coverage in the Western Suburbs Weekly, March 2016




-Media coverage in the Canning Times, March 2016


Hi Chee,

I just want to provide some feedback on the Young Engineers workshop my 2 daughters attended this week. They absolutely loved it, and were talking and explaining to me what they learnt that day when I got home. I have to give you full credit for your total ingenuity and commitment in making the class so interesting and vibrant for the children, at the same time, providing so much knowledge and concepts which incorporate Physics, Maths, Technology and Engineering to help them further understand the implementation of “complex” structures (that are used daily in human lives) through Lego.

Well done and keep up the good work.

-Matthew Howard (Perth)


Hi Chee,

Thanks very much for your email. We are really pleased with the Young Engineers program which Matthew has attended now for several terms. The program seems well organised, structured but also allowing for individual creativity. Hands-on activities like this a great way of teaching some difficult concepts, and even if Matthew doesn’t remember the exact terms like “the law of conservation of angular momentum” the idea has been shown and when he is doing Yr 10 physics, he may recall the experiences of Young Engineers Club!!


-Susan St Clair  (Willetton)