Startup School for Engineers & Scientists

Drawing on the inspiration and podcasts from business guru Seth Godin

Startup School 2018-19

Startup School for Engineers & Scientists is a 10-week “summer school” program that introduces the entrepreneurial aspects of engineering and scientific inventions.

Whether you’re tinkering with some ideas at home or designing new equipment for the mining company you work for, you will be coming up with design ideas to solve problems. Those problems can be a worldwide consumer problem (eg, how to build a better toothbrush that….) or a company specific problem (eg, design a pump that …..).

Regardless of the problem you’re tackling and the great design ideas you come up with, you will need to sell those design ideas. Yes, you do need to sell them! This can be in various forms including: convincing your manager/team why they should chose your design, pitching to investors, presenting your ideas to a judging panel distributing government grants, applying for permits/licenses, etc)!

Drawing on the inspiration and podcasts from business guru Seth Godin, this program will keep you learning during the summer break to compliment all the technical stuff that you’re learning during the semesters. In one summer, we hope to give you all the understanding you need to take an idea to commercial reality – whether you’re designing for your company or you’re an inventor.

Each week, we listen to a podcast from Seth Godin, then spend 1-hour discussing the topic of the podcast. We’ll also be hearing from special guest mentors throughout the summer. From this, we hope some people will start thinking, tinkering, sketching and designing to test out your new found knowledge.

If you have something that you’ve previously designed (whether it’s partially or fully completed) that is a great start!

If you’ve never thought about designing & inventing products in your bedroom (or shed), don’t worry, you’ll be sharing the journey with a bunch of scientists and business professionals who are super passionate about this stuff.

Everything is done remotely via the Internet – so you can be anywhere in Australia (even the world).

Eligibility: open to all current YE instructors in Australia not on industry-related vacation work.

What You Get

  • Learn how to give your design ideas the best chance of being approved/funded for success
  • Network with other like-minded Young Engineers instructors from  around Australia
  • Mentorship from special guest mentors from engineering companies, investors (private & government) and recruitment companies.
  • Forum that allows you to ask questions and network with YE instructors, managers and special industry guests.

Interested? Application close 19th Dec. Submit the form below to be in it: