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Young Engineers Perth – South Metro – FAQ

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Q: Who runs the school-based Young Engineers clubs?

A: School-based clubs are made possible by a partnership between the school and Young Engineers Perth South Metro. Typically, the school provides the facilities while Young Engineers Perth South Metro delivers the classes.

Q: Do trainers carry Working With Children Checks(WWCC)?

A: Yes, all trainers and/or assistants must carry a WWCC before commencing employment with us.

Q: What will students learn?

A: Students will learn many aspects of science, technology, engineering & mathematics (STEM) by building & playing with LEGO® models in a safe & non-competitive environment. Some of the learning areas include fraction, geometry, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, forces, inertia, gravity, momentum, moments, torque, centripetal/centrifugal force, angular momentum, action & reaction, energy & power and scientific figures Archimedes, Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Students will develop their self-confidence as they learn more about their own capabilities and the scientific world around them.

Q: Why can’t I enroll midway through a term?

A: The curriculum used by Young Engineers is intended for long-term learning. Each session builds on the knowledge acquired from past sessions. In special cases it may be possible to enrol mid-term but this is not the normal practice. Students should enrol term by term to gain the most from this program.

Q: Can you accept students with allergies?

A: Yes. To minimise the chances of allergic reactions, we do not serve food or drinks during our sessions. Students can bring their own drink bottle and they are told not to share their drink bottle with others.

Q: How long do classes run for?

A: The LEGO® Challenge and GaliLEGO classes typically run for 60-75 minutes.

Q: What is the age requirement to enroll in the various programs?

A: The recommended age for LEGO® Challenge students are 7-10 years old and GaliLEGO students are 10-12. However, we do also recognize that every child develops differently and age is only a number. If you would like to enrol and your child is not within the recommended age range, please contact us to discuss.

Q: How many students in each class?

A: Typically most classes will have up to 16 students and one instructor. Some larger classes with more students with have additional instructors.

Q: Can we get a refund or make-up for missed classes?

A: There are no discounts, refunds or make-up for missed classes.

Q: Why is it important to notify us if child will be absent?

A: All trainers will conduct an attendance check before the class commences. If there are any students missing, their parents are notified immediately by mobile phone. If your child will be absent, please notify us as soon as possible.

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